Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Kiwiana Pictures

During our first week back at school, the children made artworks with Mrs. W, to enter into the local A and P Show. 
(A and P means Agricultural and Pastoral).

They based their artworks on Kiwiana - items that relate to our unique culture and heritage in New Zealand.

1st place - Hokey Pokey and other flavour icecream

2nd place - spiral design

3rd place - sheep



spiral design

tomato sauce bottle



a sheep and a kiwi



spiral design

kiwi fruit

chocolate cake

NZ style flag


What are some items that reflect your culture and heritage?

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Friendship Salad

Today was our first day back at school after the summer break and everyone was excited to be back with old and new classmates.
After talking about friendships and working together, everyone helped to make a friendship salad.

In went some grapes -these are the students in the class - the good helpers and friends inside and outside of the room.

In went some apple to show the hard workers that always try their best in everything they do;

some pineapple to show the children that share and take turns;

marshmallows to show the kind sweet words being said in our classroom;

and yoghurt to show the happiness we feel when we are in school together.

No one wanted to add the rotten banana! 
Rotten bananas might cause trouble in our room such as calling people names, or refusing to do the work, or not sharing!

Finally everyone enjoyed eating the yummy friendship salad.

Thank you to Brooke and Hannah for taking the photos.

What do you do to be a good friend to someone?

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

'Movin' It at the Zoo' - Celebration of Learning 2016

Today is our last day of the 2016 school year.
Last night we presented our class item at the school's Celebration of Learning.
We hope you enjoy 'Movin' It at the Zoo'.

Watch all of the items here!

We hope everyone has a safe and happy summer.
See you back in February 2017!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Designing Our Costumes

It's less than three weeks until the end of our school year! 
We are getting our item ready for the school's 
Celebration of Learning.
Last week for interactive homework we designed the costumes we will need for the item.

Can you guess what we are going to be?

Friday, November 18, 2016

Our Science Homework

Some of the families were able to send in photos of the experiments the children did for their 

Thank you to the parents for their permission to post the photos.

Have you tried one of these experiments? 
Did it work for you?